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It is possible to find a very good variety of beauty pageant apparel online at specialty websites. These sites offer many colorful pageant dresses in colors of mint green, yellow, pink, turquoise, and other colors. These dresses are not ordinary dresses because they have many fancy details that qualify them as pageant dresses. Many have very full skirts, beaded bodices, shirred midriffs, and glittered multi-color tulle over the skirt fabric. They are usually floor-length and often require a full slip underneath that is called a crinoline. Websites also carry accessories, such as fancy socks and shoes for girls and tiaras.

Pageant dresses must fit the person’s body perfectly, so there are made to order pageant dresses as well as those that are ready made and can be shipped out immediately. Custom-made dresses are usually sold in sizes 2 to 16 for girls. Pageant gowns for girls are designed like ball gowns that have all of the detailing that is on a woman’s dress. The gowns often come in colors that are specially named for little girls, including strawberry, grape, banana, lemon, flamingo, and mint. These fancy dresses can be worn for girls who are flower girls or junior bridesmaids in weddings as well. Pageant dresses for girls can cost up to $500 and over, but less expensive styles can also be found. The great amount of detail on the gowns, such as beading, lace, shirring, and other special features makes them more expensive.

Two other categories of clothing are also sold at beauty pageant apparel sites. These are interview suits and talent costumes. Interview suits are business suits in colors of pink, yellow, and other pastels for teens and young women that are custom-made to fit the shape of the wearer perfectly. Some of the most beautiful suits are made of Dupioni Silk. Girls’ interview suits are usually made in solids, prints, and plaids. The other category of apparel sold at these specialty sites is talent costumes. These are knee-length or shorter dresses constructed of silk, organza, or dressy fabrics that can be worn for the talent portion of the pageant.

Ballet shoes in white satin are the most popular shoes for girls to wear to pageants, but there are white patent leather pumps and other styles sold as well. Ballet slippers can be died to match the gown that the contestant will be wearing in the pageant. Most websites also sell accessories, including tiaras, the most popular head covering in the U.S. A flower is sometimes worn in the hair, but hats are not generally part of beauty pageant wear in the U.S.

Teens looking for beauty pageant apparel can also find a wide variety of dresses and gowns online. They can be found in sizes from extra small to 4-extra-large in short length or floor length designs. These formal gowns are also popular for bridesmaid’s dresses or for prom wear. Teens’ dresses do not usually have the ruffles and design of little girls’ dresses. Instead, they are more body-fitting, made of flowing fabric such as satin that skims over the girl’s figure. Colors may be pastels, or they can be black, white, and a variety of shades between.

Makeup is another important part of a girl’s or teen’s beauty pageant apparel. Although it is put on in thick layers, the goal is to look fresh and natural. Eyes are highlighted with mascara, and eyebrows must be perfectly shaped and filled in with an eyebrow pencil. The fresh, smooth skin of the girl is usually covered with foundation and dusted with powder so that the lights on the stage do not make the skin look oily. With the perfect makeup and gown, a girl has the best chances of winning the pageant.

Encore Pageant Apparel

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